7 tips for making a sustainable purchase

Going shopping sustainably has become a growing trend among consumers, who are increasingly aware of taking care of the planet and the environment.

Buying in local stores, reducing the use of plastic bags, purchasing km0 and ecological products, among others, are some of the small changes that you can incorporate into your daily life to achieve sustainable shopping and take care of the environment.

We want to share with you 7 very simple, but at the same time very effective, tips that you can incorporate when shopping to make it more sustainable:

  • Use a shopping list: Although it may seem very simple, the reality is that the vast majority of people do not do it. Writing down a list of the things you really need to buy will help you avoid compulsive purchases and also save time, since you will know exactly which stores you should go to. It will also help you quickly see what products you plan to buy and thus analyze if you really need them or if they are “whims.”
  • Shop at local markets and stores: Choose to shop at local stores that offer sustainable products. Instead of shopping at big box stores, prioritize shopping at farmers markets, bulk stores, or local co-ops that have fresh, seasonal produce. This way you will be helping the local economy of the small businesses in your neighborhood or area and you will also ensure that you are buying local products.
  • Buy local products: The origin of the products is a very important aspect in sustainable purchasing, and we must always opt for locally produced products. Local products not only support the farmers and producers in your community, but also reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation.

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  • Eat seasonal products: Each season brings with it special fruits and vegetables, which are grown according to the climatic conditions of that season. If you consume fruits or vegetables that are not in season, it is likely that their origin is from another part of the world and they will have required greater energy consumption in their conservation, production and transportation, which does not represent a positive ecological impact.
  • Buy in bulk: Buying products in bulk such as legumes, cereals, nuts... allows you to buy only the amount you need and thus avoid food waste. Also, going shopping with your own containers and bags helps reduce the use of plastic and disposable packaging so common in this industry.
  • Reduce the use of plastics and cans: Today we can find everything from bananas packaged in plastic trays in the supermarket to peeled and cut pineapple in a can. There is no greater protection for food than your own skin, so avoid purchasing products that are tampered with and stored in non-biodegradable containers, such as plastic containers or cans.
  • Use a shopping cart: Going shopping with your own shopping cart allows you to reduce the need to use plastic bags in the supermarket, and thus reduce the pollution they cause. It will also help you buy in a more sustainable and balanced way, since having a large storage capacity, you will be able to leisurely visit different local businesses to find the best products and thus in a single trip you will be able to do all your weekly shopping.

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Carlett shopping carts are the ideal complement to practice sustainable shopping. Going shopping will become a pleasure, and a comfort with the features of each car, what better than making the purchase taking care of the environment.

After reading these tips that we have given you, you can see that going shopping in a sustainable way is still about going shopping in a conscious and balanced way. It is a way of shopping that is beneficial both for you and for local producers and businesses, and at the same time, it will allow you to save and buy only what you need, without having to waste food or store extra.

Remember that every small change in your shopping habits can make a big difference in sustainability and the local economy. 

Discover which shopping cart model best suits you, since at Carlett you can find your ideal cart (innovative, traditional, folding design, with brake, large capacity...).

Join the sustainable purchase with Carlett!

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