Lett900, an elegant and safe rollator

Do the shopping and go for a stroll safe in the knowledge that you can sit down and relax whenever you need to. This is the challenge that the rollator Lett900 has responded to. Designed to make life easier for active and independent senior citizens, who want to continue with their everyday tasks, among them, doing the shopping.

And also designed for younger people who want to make the task of going shopping a pleasure. Ideal for combining shopping and relaxation, shopping and chats… Ultimately, it’s the shopping trolley designed for those who love their social life.

The rollator Lett900 has a safety or parking brake, essential for using the cart as a seat. An instant braking system activated by hand, swivel wheels to facilitate movement and an adjustable handlebar with 3 positions. The interior bag also has handles and is removable, making it easy to clean.

It is easy to fold and store, suitable for any home.

How is it? Features

Lightweight and compact
Lightweight structure (aluminium). Designed to allow you to sit down

Adjustable handlebar
Adjustable handlebar height

Silent wheels (EVA material). The wheels can be completely fixed, with a 90º rotation or fully rotating (360º)

Easy to fold

Large capacity
Removable inner bag with handles
(capacity 29 litres)

Fabric: Polyester.

Removable and washable outer bag

Complete product
Umbrella holder

Brake system
Only product on the market with an instant brake and safety brake