Lett700, practical and comfortable

A large shopping trolley, designed to respond to two needs: shopping and resting. Ideal for shopping calmly, which offers the possibility of sitting and resting for a few minutes, and then carrying on with more energy. It is a product designed for independent people of all ages, who enjoy a daily outing and who are looking for a practical and comfortable accessory in which they can transport their purchases effortlessly.

The main features of the Lett700 are the safety or parking brake, essential in order to use it as a seat, and instant braking which is activated with your hands. It has swivel wheels which facilitate its movement and an adjustable handlebar to adapt to any person. The inner bag, with handles, is removable and washable.

Its easy and compact folding system with safety lock allows us to store the trolley in any cupboard.

How it is? Features

Lightweight and useful
Lightweight structure. Designed to allow you to sit down

Adjustable handlebar
Adjustable handlebar height

Silent wheels (EVA material), with two positions: fixed and 360° rotation

Easy to fold

Large capacity
Removable inner bag with handles (capacity 32 litres)

Fabric: polyester

Removable and washable outer bag

Waterproof fabric

Brake system
Brake system. Only product on the market with an instant brake and safety brake