Lett201, dynamic and modern

For young people. For healthy lifestyle lovers. For those who shop in their neighbourhood.

The Lett201 is designed to be a fashion accessory for those who enjoy shopping. With a robust structure and a large capacity bag, it is the ideal shopping trolley for browsing through the local shops and markets.

It is a lightweight shopping trolley, with silent, removable wheels and an adjustable handlebar with 4 positions, which allows it to be modified for any person.

We are aware of the space limitations that some modern homes have so we have devised an easily folding product with a safety lock, which can be put away in any corner. The bag is also completely removable and washable for easy cleaning.

¿How is it? Features

Lightweight structure

Adjustable handlebar
Adjustable handlebar with 4 positions

Folding and silent running
2 silent, easily removable
wheels (EVA material)

Compact and practical
Compact easy folding design. Detachable bag (with Velcro strips)

Large capacity
Large capacity (47 litres), expandable bag

Zip back pocket

Automatic safety catch

Waterproof fabric

Detachable bag