1. 1. How many years guarantee do the CARLETT products have?

All our products have a two-year TOTAL guarantee, except for any components that may have been worn due to normal use (wheels, certain textiles, etc.).

The guarantee will be valid as long as it does not relate to normal wear and tear and / or improper use by the end user.

Should the guarantee need to be used, please contact us using the customer service form.

Please keep the purchase receipt for two years after purchase in order for the guarantee to be valid.

2. Where can I find CARLETT products?

You can find our products at the various outlets that appear on our website. Section: Lett Products shops

3. Does CARLETT have a repair service?

Yes. In the event of a product needing to be repaired, please contact us via the form that can be found on our website. Carlett shall organise a free pickup, repair and return of your product if it has a valid guarantee. In the event of requiring a non-guarantee repair, we shall provide you with a quote, and in the event of acceptance, we shall manage your request.

4. I need a replacement part for my CARLETT shopping trolley. How can this be obtained?

Please contact us using the website form in order for us to answer your request. In the event of your product being in guarantee, we shall send you the replacement parts free of charge to an address of your choosing.

If your product is not within guarantee, or you do not have the sales receipt, we shall provide you with a price quote along with accepted forms of payment in order for you to receive the replacement part as quickly as possible.

5. The product is within guarantee but I have purchased it online or at a location that is far away from my normal residence. How can I organise the repair under the guarantee?

As manufacturer of the product, CARLETT is responsible for the guarantee, irrespective of where you live or where the product was purchased. Please contact us via the online form and we shall manage your request as quickly as possible.

6. Do you advise the bags to be machine washed?

Machine washing is not recommended. Textile components are best washed either by hand or using a damp cloth.

7. Can the CARLETT product bags be replaced?

Only the LETT 440 and LETT 460 can use the same bags. If you wish to replace the bag from any of these two products, you are able to do so.

Please contact us using the online form and we shall provide you with assistance.

8. How can I personalise my CARLETT product?

Please contact us using the online form, provided with the image you wish to use and we will be able to personalise your bag. Processing time is approximately one week. Therefore, we advise you to request this process just before purchasing the product.

9. Are the CARLETT products waterproof?

Yes, the LETT 201, LETT 440 and LETT 460 products are detachable, as well as being 100 % waterproof.

10. How do CARLETT products differ from other products available?

The main difference is QUALITY. We use light, hard wearing, practical and modern components.

The CARLETT shopping trolleys are the only ones on the market that come with a safety brake. They also come with a compact folding mechanism and the majority of the components are easily detachable for storage.