New collaboration agreement Carlett & COPTOCAM

There are days when we feel especially proud, and today is one of them.

We want to share with you the collaboration agreement that we have signed with COPTOCAM (Professional College of Occupational Therapists of Madrid).

The collaboration agreement aims to promote the development of cooperative relationships between both entities, establishing an exchange of services with the aim of improving the daily lives of patients cared for by registered professionals.

The services included in the agreement range from training actions, exchange of experiences and special rates for shopping cart models with seats. That is, any topic that may be of common benefit to both institutions.

Carlett's shopping cart models with seats (Comfort, Comfort PRO & Comfort Assist) are the ideal complement for those people looking for a mobility aid solution. 

Carlett's range of Comfort products is exclusively designed to guarantee the independence and safety of its users, so that they can continue enjoying daily activities, such as going shopping and walking, with the peace of mind of being able to sit down and rest when necessary thanks to to its built-in seat. It is also an ideal solution for indoor spaces thanks to its compact size.

We are convinced that this agreement will provide many benefits for both entities, and above all, for patients.

Carro de la compra con asiento

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