5 sustainable habits for your daily life

As we return to our daily lives after a well-deserved vacation, it is the perfect time to incorporate new sustainable habits into our daily lives, especially when it comes to our shopping and eating practices.

We want to recommend 5 simple but very effective actions that you can incorporate into your life in a very simple way, and that will not only benefit the planet by reducing our ecological footprint, but can also improve the health and well-being of you and yours. By incorporating these small changes into your daily routine, you will achieve a more conscious and responsible lifestyle.

  • Buy in bulk: Choose to buy foods in bulk whenever possible. Bring your own reusable containers, such as cloth bags or glass jars, to avoid disposable plastic containers and reduce waste generation. enibles for your daily life.

  • Local and seasonal foods: Buy local and seasonal products. These foods tend to have a smaller carbon footprint, as they do not require long trips to get to your table. Shopping at local stores in your neighborhood is a great way to support nearby producers and get fresh, sustainable food.
  • Reduce food waste: Plan your meals, make a shopping list and buy only what you need. This way you will avoid buying treats or foods that you don't need and that you may not end up consuming.
  • Shopping cart, reusable bags and sustainable packaging: Using the shopping cart is the ideal solution for shopping sustainably. We also recommend that you always carry reusable bags with you for your purchases and that you use reusable containers to store your food, instead of plastic bags and disposable containers. This helps reduce the amount of single-use plastic produced.

  • Conscious Eating: Consider reducing your consumption of meat and animal products, as meat production has a large environmental footprint. A very easy way to start reducing meat consumption is to establish meat-free days or explore plant protein options such as legumes, tofu or quinoa.

By incorporating these sustainable habits into your shopping and eating routines, you will be significantly contributing to protecting the environment and reducing your impact on climate change.

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